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Power Engineering Paper Ideas

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    I am electrical engineering senior taking a class on power generator, power distribution, and motor design. I am looking for final papers ideas. I am very interested in energy storage and its applications. One paper I found was http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7362184/?reload=true. I am looking for more study material and resources(preferably textbooks and research papers). I am also open to other ideas for the paper. Let me know!
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    I suggest that you consider a paper on a pulsed power generator (also known as a compulsator).
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    Sounds very interesting. Do you know of any study material associated with this topic? After a little digging, I found a beginner friendly source:

    Pulsed Power Systems: Principles and Applications by Hansjoachim Bluhm
    It would be great if I could be directed to more resources like IEEE papers. Thank you!
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    I worked in this area some 10+ years ago, but I no longer have any of the references. There have been a slew of papers published through IEEE and others, so keep digging.
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