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Power factor circuit

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    Problem Scenario

    As an electrical engineer in Rawang Power Electrical Consultant Company, your boss assigned your group to design a power factor circuit to improve the low power factor in one terrace house in Taman Maju Jaya, Rawang. The terrace house received a power supply 240V, 50Hz from TNB. The loads in that house consist of :

    Device , Units ,Active Power ,Power factor
    Florescent Lights ,10 ,40W each , 0.5
    Air-conditioning ,4 ,750W each , 0.7
    CFL Lights ,7 25W each , 0.6

    Your group needs to produce the best proposal on designing a power factor circuit to improve the power factor to 0.98 and verify your design with appropriate simulation program.
    Compare the current, power factor, apparent power, reactive power and active power consumed before and after the power factor correction exercise.
    Write a brief proposal contains the design and findings.

    the problem is where should i start first, how to calculate total power factor and correct it to 0.98?
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    APEX25, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Is this homework? If yes, then you should re-post it in the homework forum. Please be sure to read all the rules there. No one here will do your work for you. We will, however, direct you towards solutions that you can learn from.

    Using the search terms “design a power factor circuit diagram” on Google these appear:

    Also, many pdf documents appear that probably will be useful for your project. Once you have done the research if you have some specific difficulty or question, come back here and post it. Members are always willing to assist anyone trying to learn.

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