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Mayor of a mathematical city promised that electrical energy will be free for their future citizen, because they will consume no energy for electrical power generation!!
He said;” in our power plant, the generators start working with a little prime mover and produce a lot of electrical energy.”
He added our electrical generators will make a big permanent magnet that produces uniform magnetic field as generator stator and electrical windings that is located in its rotor, supplies load currents. The rotor of generator rotates within the gap without any energy consumption and produce required electromotive forces at end of windings although active/reactive consumers are connected to its terminals. Of course the electrical consumers shall be located in region of stator uniform magnetic flux.
He said, our mathematicians explain this technique as follow:
For integration of distributed forces on induced current elements we can write:
F = ∫ IB x dL where " I " is loads current, B is uniform magnetic flux density and " L " is electrical path that closed with electrical loads in region of uniform magnetic field.
Because of magnetic flux uniformity, we can write: F = -IB ∫ dL
Also the loop of electrical path is closed by loads; so we can write:
∫ dL = 0 and F = 0
Therefore in our power plant we will not need energy consumption for the electrical power producing.

What is your opinion? Is it possible?


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