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Power of a battery

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    If a battery has a rating of 24 kWh,what is the maximum power that it could supply at any given second in watts?

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    The question is unanswerable with the given information. You need rated voltage and amperage or internal resistance.
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    What Rus said. You can't tell.

    It depends on the battery technology. Some batteries have much higher or lower internal resistance and that might limit the amount of current and power that can be drawn. eg draw too much current and the voltage starts to fall. Since power = voltage * current there might be an optimum current above which the power starts to fall.

    Some batteries have an internal fuse or thermal cut out to prevent an explosion in the event that too much current is drawn.

    With most types of rechargable battery there is also a limit to how much current can be drawn before battery life is affected (eg draw too much current and the battery degrades so that after N charge cycles you may not be able to draw that current any longer).

    If you have more info on the battery let us know.
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