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Power of an engine

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    I am required to design an ATV with the use of a 3.2 cc IC engine. Can you tell me the factors affecting the power delivered and the speed of the ATV. How should i go about the calculations.
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    Almost anything that you can think of is a contributing factor. Can you be a bit more specific?
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    Second that...
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    Danger and brewnog are correct, but let me see if I can amplify on their responses...

    All engineering designs begin (and end!) with "good" and complete requirements. This is the primary domain of the systems engineer. The systems engineer takes the customer's needs and constraints and develops detailed design requirements based on those needs. They also will maintain the network of connectivities for how all derived design requirements serve to meet the customer's needs and constraints (directly or indirectly), as well as meeting requirements from other sources (such as engineering design standards, civil/military certification requirements, environmental requirements, etc.)

    For your project you need to develop the requirements more beyond what you were given before you can understand what design approaches will work and which will not. The systems engineer does this by asking questions about the eventual operational needs of the end-system. In this case, I would ask questions like:

    1) Is this is a single-rider ATV? If not, how many people is it expected to carry?
    2) Will the ATV be required to tow any additional loads, and if so how much do those loads weigh? (This will help derive minimum torque required to move the total load)
    3) What surface terrain environments must the ATV be capable of operating on/in? (Maximum grades it has to climb or descend, composition of the soil, depth of mud it must be able to traverse, etc.)
    4) Is there a minimum speed that the ATV must be capable of achieving? (The answer to this, and its quantification will help set several other design requirements).
    5) Does the ATV have to be certifiable to government standards?

    and on and on and on...
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    What kind of ATV are we talking about here? I have heard of RC cars with bigger engine diplacements than that... Perhaps your units are incorrectly stated? Or maybe this is not meant to carry people?

    Perhaps you meant 3.2 in^3, which would be about 50 cc?
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