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Power of imagination

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    I've been feeling a problem which i want to share with u for suggestions.
    I'm studying EEE, in 2nd semester at the moment. I enjoy physics and math extremely. My interest towrad them grew when I was in 11th grade. Thenceforth, I've never felt them as burden. I find more enjoyment in studying them than spending the time with my friends. At the weekend when my friends enjoy their vacation and call me to accompany them, I prefer studying unknown theories to joining them. And I've studied many theories which are beyond my present academic level by self-effort.
    But, I lack in the power of imagination and visualizing the things which are important to be a physicist. I want to increase this power. Any suggestion regarding to increase the power of imagination and visualization ....? Thanks in advance
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    Why do you think you lack imagination?
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    Because I feel that I can't visualize anything properly in my mind. For example, I want to draw the graph in 3 dimensions in my mind not in paper. I know how will the graph look like but still my capability to visualize it virtually in my mind is poor. That graph is only an example. I have many other things that I can't depict it virtually in my mind.
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