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Power of suggestion

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    Have you ever noticed some one looking intently at some thing, i find it
    imposible not to look as well, Why ?
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    Because it is human nature to want as much as someone else is getting. So you don't want to 'miss out' on what is your fair share. I find it funny how people are manupulated by suggesting something to them and then making it look like it was their idea to begin with.
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    I thought it was more a (fight or flee) reaction, one has to look incase there
    is some thing dangerous out there, what ever it is, it takes will power to over
    come, and if one can resist, it leaves a nagging thought as to what the heck
    the person was looking at.
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    Another reason is for survival. If an animal sees a lion, it runs. When the other animals see a the first animal run, they also run.

    But consider:

    "Your shoelace is untied"

    The above statement is a bit bad to use on that..Ther must be something more to it.
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