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Power of the Human Body

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    Does anyone know how much power can the human body output? Specifically, how much power can each part of the body output? e.g. how much power can an arm output, a leg output, a particular muscle output, etc?


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    Well, seems to me it would be pretty straightforward to calculate it based on all sorts of weightlifting stats. Maybe check out some bodybuilding fora.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I know that the most ever measured in an olympic athlete is about 1000 watts for a few seconds.

    Note that you need both the power and time.
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    I did some research and got this from http://www.space.com/businesstechnology/technology/body_power_011128-1.html: [Broken]
    Broken into usable terms, waiting to be harvested are 81 watts from a sleeping person, 128 from a soldier standing at ease, 163 from a walking person, 407 from a briskly walking person, 1,048 from a long-distance runner, and 1,630 from a sprinter, according to the center. But of course theres not 100% capture. Body heat, for example, can only be converted with 3% efficiency with current thermoelectric materials.
    This only half answers my question however. I am still interested in how much power each part of the human body can output. Any info on this will be highly interested.

    DaveC, good idea about weightlifting. I'll check that out.


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