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Power plant transformers

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    When it comes to power plant transformers, What is the typical inductance and impedance on the primary winding?
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    http://www.scribd.com/doc/27073343/Transformer-Engineering [Broken]
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    jim hardy

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    that's an excellent reference, j-rfu.

    Impedance is indeed given in Per Unit, % of nominal nameplate ratings.
    Transformers for our internal distribution were a few percent, 2 to 5 -ish.

    Our main transformer (the one connecting generator to grid) was 17% .
    The impedance will be mostly inductive so as to not waste kilowatts as heat.
    Electrical system designers spend a lot of time optimizing voltage drops so everything stays within ~10% over operating range of plant.

    The main transformer connecting generator to grid was 894MVA so you can see what 0.1% loss would be in kw - almost a megawatt . It's worth making the big ones highly efficient.

    Sorry i just dont remember the exact numbers but the guidelines in that reference should give you a feel.

    old jim
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