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Power RF frequencies

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    I got a dirty electricity problem from a smart meter

    There is supposedly filters on the market that remove
    the incoming RF frequencies and puts them onto the neutral.

    Does any one know how a capacitor plugged in would
    remove RF frequencies from the hot wire and send
    them back on the neutral?
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    Could you please clarify? How does a smart meter make a "dirty electricity problem"? Dirty in what way?

    What country are you in, and what utility serves your area?
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    Does it mean that you have an electricity meter that transmits its readings over the power line by HF which interferes with your apparatus connected to the power?

    First, apparatus should not get trouble from a meter, as I suppose (properly?) said meter has been tested to comply with compatibility rules.

    Then, a filter may help, which in its simplest form is a capacitor between the phase and the neutral. But choosing and cabling the capacitor is not obvious, for it to survive, possibly for the rest of the home as well, and for the capacitor to be efficient. If you didn't guess how to cable it, I suggest to refrain from doing it and buy a commercial filter.
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