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Power Settings VS Climb Performance

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    Hello everyone!

    It's my first post here. So, I'll try to be as descriptive as possible. And I do apologize for a relatively long introduction part of my post which is NOT aimed at teaching smbd the basic aerodynamics but is here to help me better explain my point.

    Judging from the attached table taken from a typical Cessna-182's "Pilot's Operating Handbook" (POH), there is a direct relationship between aircraft's basic aerodynamic forces, power settings and climb performance. Although it's generally accepted that indicated airspeed (IAS) remains stable at varying altitudes, the ultimate driving force behind aircraft performance is power. So, if I understand correctly, in order to keep IAS constant during a climb, a pilot must (i) either have more excess power; or (ii) reduce rate of climb for each feet of climb.

    Question 1: Is there any formula(s) to combine the factors of power setting, IAS, temperature, and altitude all together?!?
    Question 2: How can I calculate rate of climb (without the attached table)?

    Thank you!


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