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Power Sources in Series/Parallel ?

  1. Mar 23, 2005 #26
    hmm..thanks for the info on the patents, however my idea isn't just the generators, that is only a part of it.

    as for the 69kw generator..how big would one of those be? lol because size is definitely a factor.
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    It would take up less volume than 24 little guys with the same total power. :smile:
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    so the size would be...lol
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    Re: Power Sources in Series/Parallel....?

    So Infamous_Q, just out of curiosity wanted to ask, did you file for patent for what you wanted to do? Or do you still need any help in filing patent?
  5. May 24, 2011 #30
    Re: Power Sources in Series/Parallel....?

    I need to add two, or more (say 20) dc power sources, in a series-parallel combination
    to get both Voltage add-up (in Series) and current add-up (in parallel).
    Please advise that:
    1. can the above be done without facing complications.
    2. for adding two or more dc power sources (for battery, and for electronic), the
    voltage of each dc power source must be equal (say all are delivering 5v, or 3v, or
    3. should the current output also be equal of all dc power sources to be added in
    Series/Parallel/Series-Parallel, if the above (2) is true (say all should be delivering 4
    mAmp, or 5 Amp, or whatever?
    4. Please give detailed answer, with diagram, if any.

    I need a quick reply, for which I shall be grateful. Please
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