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    I'm trying to hook up my power supply to I/O Ethernet Adapter, and am getting confused with the wiring terminology.

    The power supply is 24V DC (+/- terminals) and the Ethernet Adapter has NC, Chassis Ground, Common (C), and V (Supply).

    I guess I am getting confused with what exactly Common and Chassis Ground are, and what I'm connecting the +/- to?

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    I would put minus on "Common" and plus on "Supply". You might connect "Chassis" to a water pipe or other earth-grounded thingie to provide a little noise and interference protection. Usually chassis and common are connected together someplace in a system and it is best to do that in only one place to avoid "ground loops", so that's probably why they are separate on your box.
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    What does it mean when it says that the DC supply will be connected to the internal power bus?
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    It probably means that the DC supply goes directly to the supply lines (buss) of the thing. I can't think of a way to say that any clearer, sorry...
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