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Power supply

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    my power supply for the computer has just burnt resently for the second time in less than twom weeks i obviously have to buy anothr one but am a bit hesitant cause i cant figure out y they keep burning nd the fault is not with my plugs please help wer u can...!:yuck::biggrin:
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    Welcome to PF.

    Too little information.
    You could be just unfortunate.
    Or the power supply could be too small for your application.
    Or your contention that your plugs are ok could be wrong.

    At two weeks you should be able to return or RMA the unit rather than buy a new one.
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    1) I'd determine the voltage needed by your components, you can do so http://web.aanet.com.au/SnooP/psucalc.php [Broken]. The wattage given, i'd up that up 50-100 watts, for overhead room and further stability

    2) You want a Power Supply that has dual 12v rails, most newer ones have this, If you can get a modular one that would rock as it would help in the cable management inside your PC.

    3) Brands you should stick with are Antec, Enermax, PC power Supply & Cooling, ThermalTake, and Zalman. Try to get one that has dual 120mm fans.

    Good luck, and remember, if you're building or have built a custom rig, toss the power supply that came with the case. They're mostly never good, have only one 12v rail and are cheaply made. Keep us updated.
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    Perhaps you have a bad outlet in your wall? Otherwise, I would recommend getting a larger wattage or higher quality power supply.
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