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Power to the patients! Newscientist.com

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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://www.newscientist.com/opinion/opinterview.jsp;jsessionid=LGBDCGDLPIAE?id=ns24101 [Broken]
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    This is an excellent article. I
    hope Zantra sees this.

    The trouble with the psychiatric
    labels has always been that none
    is based on any objectively ob-
    served brain pathology. The term
    "schizophrenia" is a grab bag. It
    is variously attrbuted to enlarged
    ventricles in the brain, viral
    brain infections, food sensitivi-
    ties, genetic disorders, etc.

    Paranoid delusions, likewise, are
    found in schizophrenia, bipolar
    disorder, paranoid personality
    disorder, borderline personality
    disorder, and major depression with psychotic features. No one
    has determined the exact cause
    of this brain malfunction and
    worked on a cure or treatment.

    His emphasis on enviromental
    contributions is right on. What
    might continue indefinitely as
    a mild case can easily be turned
    into a severe case in a stressfull

    His experience with "a taste of
    his own medicine" was great. I
    think all Doctors benefit greatly
    from periods when they are forced
    to be patients.

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