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Automotive Power-to-weight ratio

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    Hi guys, im building my own automated Guided CART, using two car wiper motors as my mian motors connected to bicycle wheels, now i want to know how im gonna determine the weight limit that i can put on my vehicle? the power of the car wiper motors are not yet determined
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    I really dont want to derail, or stray far from your focus, and I promise I'll get back to it, but... How do you plan on mounting bicycle wheels to the motor shaft of a couple wiper motors? they are such small shafts. Sorry if this sounds stupid, I just had a hard time picturing it working effectively.

    as far as the power/weight, I found this; http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,5978.0.html
    hope it helps!
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    Hi, can you send me your email address i'll send you my design :) this AGC is quite rare that is why im finding a hard time looking for resources
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    Sure thing! I'll PM you
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    What Physics related topic can be studied using automatic guided cart?
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