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Homework Help: Power Transmission

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    A source with 50 ohm source impedance drives a 50 ohm T-line that is 1/8 of a wavelength long, terminated in a load Z=50-j25 ohms. calculate TL, VSWR, and the input impedance seen by the source
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    Relevant Equations?

    Attempt to the Solution?

    Same goes for your other post as well.
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    ok sorry about that, this is my attempt at this problem so far.

    i am not sure if i take the absolute value of both the imaginary and real part of ZL or if i did the calculation for VSWR right, please check my work.

    Would this problem be easier done with a Smith Chart, if so could someone walk me through that method?

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