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Powering small LEDs over Cat5?

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    Ok so ive been trying to power a few small lights in my shed and ive read on a few sites about PoE (power over ethernet). i just wondered or has anyone had experience with it? what kind of current/voltage is the cable capable of etc im guessing its not just as simple of wiring 2 of the 8 wires to a bulb :) and pluggin the other end to a hub.

    before anyone asks why use ethernet cable .... ive got lots of it.

    thanks for any and all information.
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    No experience with ethernet power, but you can drive both incandescent as well as LED lights with the POTS phone cabling, so ethernet cabling should be fine for small lights. Illumination of a shed is a different issue, even a modest LED bulb will draw 10 watts, so 2 amps at 5 volts, not much per se but probably more than ethernet cable will handle over a longish distance such as might be required to reach your shed.
    Why not just string a regular power line, they sell for a couple of dimes per foot?
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