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Powerpoint Templates

  1. Nov 3, 2008 #1
    Anyone know where to get a wide variety of free powerpoint templates?
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    I don't use OpenOffice but I would think that there'd be a bunch of free templates included in that, which could be saved as PowerPoint.
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    Had a look and to be honest, they suck
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    Oops, sorry. I should've taken a look first.

    I don't do anything with PowerPoint but these guys have some good free fonts you might use in a slideshow, though they need to work out an easier way to preview them. (You have to click "Download" and there's usually a preview listed.)
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    Always use white writing on a red background.

    It is easy to read, and black on white is just boring. Minimise black as much as possible.

    Using blue and green just makes people think they're at the beach and they relax too much and don't concentrate.
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    I've read that if you play a PowerPoint slideshow backwards, sometimes you can hear Satanic messages.
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