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News POWs Geneva Convention

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    I just saw Donald Rumsfeld on TV, complaining about the way Iraq treats the American soldiers it has captured, sating it is against the Geneva Convention on POWs to put them on TV. Personally I think his real problem is the demoralisation of US troops from such things. But the important point is: Why bring up the Geneva Convention now, if he was ignoraing it completely for Afghanistan? Remember those guys sitting in Cuba? Pot calling the kettle black, eh? Hypocrisy, anyone?
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    Yeah, the irony is classic. Not to mention that US television has been broadcasting film of Iraqi prisoners...
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    Saddam is now giving anyone a 17k reward for any G.I. head. Real nice!
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    http://www.ipsystems.com/powmia/lzfeedback/johnson.html [Broken]
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    On the news tonight a Philipene woman in Mexico who subscribes to a philipeno tv station saw her son as one of the prisoners of war that the iraq's captured and had on their television.
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    "Saddam is now giving anyone a 17k reward for any G.I. head. Real nice!"

    And 2x that for live prisoners. That's why they look so happy. BTW Russia supplied Iraq with night vision goggles & other equipment in February.
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    I am sure Iraq will treat POWs as well as the US is treating Khalid Sheik Mohammed.
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    They should certainly be treated much better. Khalid Sheik Mohammad is accused of being a terrorist. He was captured in a country which he entered illegally. He is not protected by any treaty other than international human rights treaties. The American POW's are protected by the Geneva convention.

    Many Iraqi soldiers seem to be trying to lose their protection under the Geneva Convention. They are engaging in combat while out of uniform and attacking while under a flag of surrender. These actions subject them to all sorts of harsh treatment. It is clear they are trying to coax Americans into shooting at civilians or genuinely surrendering soldiers.

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    No offence intended but while reading your post I had to think of the following:

    So is Bush and so are American soldiers...

    Uhhmmmm..... Same here for your soldiers

    I'm not sure wether there is a major differnece between the two. They generally state that you should treat people with at least a little bit of respect. They also state that it isn't allowed to torture etc.
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    You have arbitrarily decided that there is no difference between war and terrorism. The vast majority of the governments of the world disagree with you.
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    War is simply terrorism on a larger scale.
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    The problem for me is the idea that some people have more right to humane treatment than others.
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    no kidding, for some odd reason it seems that many belive the idea of "all men are created equal" only applies to the point of creation and looses value after that.
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    Debating whether someone is a POW or not, and suggesting that we can treat everyone else in an inhumane way, is a betrayal of American ideals.
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    I never suggested that Khalid Sheik Mohammed should be treated inhumanely. I simply stated that POW's have more rights than common crimminals. Do you think they shouldn't?

    Besides, he is a prisoner of Pakistani intelligence, not the US. Of course, that is cause for concern. Pakistani intelligence is dominated by Muslim fundementalists, and they are notorious human rights abusers.

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    Good point about Pakistan...but there was(and is) much talk about turning prisoners over to less 'squeamish' countries to do teh torturing for America.
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    Huh? The men in Cuba are prisoners of war. They are being treated in accordance with the Geneva convention. And I don't recall us shooting any of them in the head.
    That is misleading. The US is *NOT* broadcasting interrogations.

    Kyle and Adam, 30 and 50 year old stores? Please. One has no source info - in fact it appears to be a personal website. The other, omg....
    Iraq is shooting POW's in the head and you are worried about North Korean POW's from 50 years ago not getting regular MAIL and being called NAMES!!!?? What kind of MONSTER are you?
    Is he dead yet? If not, he's got one up on MOST of the Americans Iraq captured.
    Simply wrong. At least look it up in the dictionary.
  20. Mar 25, 2003 #19
    you call me a monster for pointing out the inhuman acts committed by our military in the hopes it might sway people from condoning war? i don't think i want to know what you would consider good.
  21. Mar 25, 2003 #20
    No he is a prisoner of the CIA at the US airbase in Kabul where he is being tortured by the country that does not commit torture.
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