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Homework Help: Ppp me as soon as possible

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    plzzz helpppp me as soon as possible

    :cry: hi,
    I want to ask you "What is the difference between mathematical vector space and physical vector space?"
    I mean to say"how can we distinguish vector space in physics and maths"?
    thanxz :rolleyes:
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    huh? Do you have any idea what you just said?
    No different. NO, NONE, ZIP, period
    unless i misunderstood what you asked... your question is same as asking me what is the difference between the addition in physics and that in mathematics...
    one more thing.... vector space in mathematics is not nessissory related to our physical world.... but physics will not do things that has nothing to do with our physical world.... that might be the only different...
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    A "mathematical vector space"(aka linear space) is an abstract set A (of elements called vectors) over a field of scalars (R,C,quaternions) whose elements satisfy the axioms of vector space...

    A "physical vector space" is is the "ambient environment" for vectors and vector fields...A straight line,the plane,the 3D space are "environments" in which vectors 'defined physically' exist...

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