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Practical ceramics

  1. Jan 7, 2005 #1
    The space shuttle had thousands of tiles that were close to the ultimate insulators. Has anyone gotten to the point where they're not $1000s a pound yet? I was wondering if anyone has created a thermos bottle that you could put in a microwave for a reasonable price. Why can't they spin off something useful from all those $ they spent on the shuttle?
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    I can't see what's so useful about a thermos that can be put in a microwave. A good thermos shouldn't need to be put in a microwave, and if you want to heat up your coffee anyway, why carry it in a thermos ? Or maybe I'm just used to getting hot (albeit lousy) coffee from the vending machine.

    I think I'm missing the point here...I don't see the relevance of the ceramic tiles.
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