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Practical examples of fludic thrust vectoring

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    This may be more relevant to aero than general mech e, but since it has to do with propulsion I figure that this is the best section to post this.

    Does anyone here know of any practical example of a fluidic thrust vectoring engine for aircraft?

    From research all I have been able to ascertain is that various experiments, such as those of NASA's LRC, have demonstrated the feasibility of the concept of using fluid dynamics to skew the exhaust from a jet engine through various methods, including coflow, counterflow, and shock. (See "Summary of Fluidic Thrust Vectoring Research Conducted at NASA Langley Research Center" by Karen A. Deere, AIAA-2003-3800)

    However, these all seem to utilize complex and unwieldy systems for manipulating the flow in the secondary air channels to create the desired vectoring effect. What I am trying to figure out for a project I am working on is whether such a fluidic thrust vectoring nozzle that is ready for adoption has been created, and, if so, how the control of the secondary flow was engineered. I've looked at various AIAA papers, especially those from the various AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conferences, and haven't really found what I'm looking for.

    Have I missed anything, and if so, are there any papers worth reading that you could point me to?

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