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Practical review of fusion approaches?

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    Can anyone please suggest a comparative pro/con review of the various fusion approaches for power generation? In those approaches I'd include:

    pinches (Z, focus, RFP)
    laser, ion beam
    inertial electrostatic
    Beam-beam FRC

    Obviously the available information in each area is deep but Ive not found a good comparison of the physics/engineering issues against one another, or at least an attempt at using some kind of common metrics. I had in mind something like the following, in the few areas where Ive done some background:

    tokamaks, etc: thermal magnetic confinement thus limited to DD, DT fuels due to Bremstralung losses at higher temperatures required for aneutronic fuels. Therefore neutron loads a challenging problem for the toroidal geometry ...

    IEC - claims of mono energetic operation but analysis to date shows IEC quickly thermalizes and then realizes same problems as above.


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