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Practice doing the SAT math 2

  1. Jul 27, 2006 #1
    I'm trying to practice doing the SAT math 2 this summer, and I realize that I just couldn't keep up with the pace of the test. I took the test once and I got a 670 with 10 questions that I didn't have a chance to finish.

    I also want to take the chemistry portion of the SAT, but I have never taken a high school chemistry class, just one semester of college chemistry. What topics are on the SAT chemistry test but not in 1st semester college chemistry?

    I generally have a hard time keeping pace on math tests and am often the last one to finish (since I'm use to taking tests with no time limits). Any suggestions to improve my scores is highly appreciated. :smile:

    P.S. Since calculators are allowed in the test, how important is the use of calculators on the test, especially calculator programs?
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    From what I remember, they don't let you use calculator programs. I'm not even sure they let you use calculators!
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    Unless they've changed the test, you are allowed to use a graphing calculator so long as it does not have a QWERTY keyboard. I don't think that custom programs beyond the basic capabilities of the calculator will either do you much good or be fair though.

    If you're slow I recommend practicing. Get copies of old exams and do them. It shouldn't be too hard to increase your speed by a factor of 2 or 3 with enough practice. Personally I found that playing timed computer solitaire improved my focus.
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    Actually, calculators and calculator programs are allowed only on the math test. I only have a TI-83+ while some people use their TI-89 on the test. The tests puts certain people at a disadvantage...
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    Wait, i remember when i took it. I didn't even need my graphing calculator for it... i was a little dissappointed because i had figured out how to do a lot of neat things with it.
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    You are allowed to use a calculator, but I don't think that I used mine very much when I took the test, and when I did it was only for fairly simple things.
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    You can only hit time limits in tests with tediously, practising the tests over and over again :frown: :frown: :frown:
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    That's my main problem in examinations, I either run out of time or rush through making stupid mistakes :frown: :frown: :frown:
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    Yeah - I don't think it's fair.

    However, with so many people from all over the world wanting to take exams and have comparable scores, to mark against each other, sadly I see no better way at the moment... :frown:
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    Get Barron's prep book for Math II. Most people say its overprepares you a lot, but that's not really a disadvantage. Once you can get about a 700 on a Barron's test, you can be pretty sure that your capable of getting 800 on the real one (the ridiculous curve makes the test very easy to score high on).
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    to practice your speed, do some practice exams with a timer. as far as i know, the only way to improve that skill is to practice that way, especially since you are unaccustomed to that manner of testing.

    good luck.
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