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Practice of re-gifting

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    1/2 of American admitted to re-gifting.


    I actually don't see anything wrong with this. When I give a gift to someone, I usually tell him/her that he/she is more than welcome to give it to someone else if he/she doesn't want it, or has no room to keep it (which is often my problem). I see this as another form of recycling. If you can find someone else who can appreciate the gift more than you, then what's wrong with making someone happy?

    I am always appreciative of the gifts I get, whether I keep them or not. Just knowing that someone actually went out of their way to get you something is good enough for me.

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    Re-gifting is better than de-gifting at least..
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    I'm just an antigiftist. If somebody gives me a gift I tell them I don't want it from them. Why would somebody give me a pretty gift as a token of piece? Fabrshajsdaé eggs never helped anyone.
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