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Practice problems for calculus?

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    So what workbooks/resources do you use to solve calculus problems?
    AP level? Because I really want to solve problems, not only learning but to actually solve calculus problems that are AP level.
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    Do you have a Calculus textbook? I have a Stewart textbook and I really like the problems in there, and although they are not official college board, they are still that level. Also, I suggest Barrons if you don't have a textbook but you need practice. Usually they have a lot of practice tests and problems on each topic, plus the problems tend to be harder than the test, which makes it seem easier when you actually take it. In school they gave us some crap review books from dsmarketing, I'm sure they are cheap, but the exams are nothing like the real thing. There are also a lot of publicly released tests on the college board website, and those are honestly probably best for practice, yet there are a limited number
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    Yes, I have the textbook Calculus by Ron Larson.
    But the problem is, I saw on the college board, the AP test, there are problems that are pretty hard. I just want to have problems like them that I can practice for.

    But I'll look into Stewart textbook problems.
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