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Practice Questions

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    Where is a good place to go to get a ton of practice questions?
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    My new thing is the even questions in the book. Work threw them and show up at profs. office hours, even if he hasn't done them all he has an answer solution Then go over the ones you got wrong with him to see where you went wrong. Works like a charm.
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    I do not have a book...was just looking for a website or something where I can print out a ton of practice questions and attempt to sharpen up.
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    Doc Al

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    It might help if you stated your level and the sorts of problems and topics you were interested in.
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    Well mainly I am trying to study up for the Mechanical Comp portion of the ASVAB and if I do not score high enough in the various areas I will need to better understanding of basic physics for the NAPT test.

    It is basic physics (acceleration, gravity, forces, 3 laws of Newton, etc)
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