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Practice & studying

  1. Jan 17, 2010 #1
    Hi! I'm 16 years old, and recently got into my country's team which will attend the European Union Science Olympiad (EUSO) as the physics person. I also got into the second round in my country's national physics competition with 78/80 points, and I'm hoping to get into the third and final round; I have a book of the past 40 years' problems which I'm looking through when I feel like it, it has pretty good, hard problems with the complete solutions in it. I'm hoping that I can get into the top 20 of the competition. My question is, what other things do you recommend doing/studying in order to be successful in these competitions? Next year I'll be trying to get into the International physics olympiad (IPhO), and although I'm really skeptic about getting in, I would like to do something to raise my chances. Even if I don't get in, at least I'd have studied enough to get into a good college/university (well, at least in my country) with ease. Any advise is appreciated,
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