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Practice your LATEX skills

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    Practice your LATEX skills!!!!!

    This is a thread spacifically for practicing Latex mathematical writing.
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    I need help with putting an index on my sqrt, writing complex fractions, and exponents which are fractions (as i tried to put up there "8 to the 2/3-rds power) Thank you for the help......
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    1.You're in the wrong forum.This has nothing to do with LaTex.
    2.I've given u the link to the thread in the General Physics forum where u can practice typewriting LaTex as much as u want,though i would advise u to use the "preview post" option to see whether the code u typed is correct.
    3.Click on this image:
    [tex] \sqrt[\frac{8}{5}]{24}+\frac{5}{\frac{7}{3}}+7^{\frac{9}{55}}[/tex]

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    \sqrt{8^2/3} : [tex]\sqrt{8^2/3}[/tex]

    Even better :

    \sqrt{\frac{8^2}{3}} : [tex]\sqrt{\frac{8^2}{3}}[/tex]
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