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Homework Help: Practise exam question

  1. Mar 8, 2010 #1
    Hi everyone, here is one I am really struggling with....

    1.Determine the final velocity of a solid cylinder of a 75mm diameter with a mass of 1.4kg if it is moving along a slope of 25 degrees. The total distance travelled down the slop is 11.8m

    The answer that I reach is a a final velocity of 8.07 is this correct ?
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    You need to show us the relevant equations and your work, not just shotgun an answer and ask us to do the work to figure out if it's right.

    Show us the relevant equations, including the ones that have the Moment of Inertia in them.

    Show us how you calculated the answer you got. Please include units in all of your calculations and definitions.
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    Post 1 says a cylinder is moving down a slope. Does that mean the cylinder has a nonzero initial velocity? Or does it mean the cylinder starts from rest? If the cylinder has a nonzero initial velocity, wouldn't the initial velocity need to be given in the problem statement?
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