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Prague Airport Named Worst

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    That must be the set for a new comedy, was that guy at the desk Steven Fry in disguise.
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    The video is definitely funny, but totally misleading. Prague is one of my favorite European cities, and Prague's airport is really no worse than, say, Ontario International near LA.

    - Warren
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    That's unfair. The worst airport in this part of the world is in Warsaw. Some departures were delayed by 3 years.
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    It can't have been filmed at Heathrow - the escalators are working!

    For the real best and worst see http://www.salon.com/tech/col/smith/2007/06/15/askthepilot236/ [Broken]

    It is nice to know that Franz finally got a job with the civil service. There is a list of banned items you can't take on a plane in Europe - but the list is secret! http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03/10/hand_luggage_banned_list/
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    Has anyone been to Colombo. We(me and my girl) were not allowed to board the plane for which we had tickets 6 months in advance, because supposedly we weren't there early enough and all the seats were already taken. That was the time when i was aquainted with the verb "overbooked", LOL. And we were at the counter 2 hours and 10min before the flight. When confronted why they had overbooked the plane, the manager said " no, we downsized the plane". Go figure.
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    Or San Juan Puerto Rico.

    I was coming in on a connecting flight and I went to catch the next flight and they said. It's gone. I said what do you mean it's gone? It's not supposed to leave for 1/2 hour. They said oh they just decided to leave early.

    Early??? Arrive early all you want ... but leave early? Egads. That'll keep you on your toes.
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    I'll take a thatched hut terminal (like Chizen Itza, Mexico used to have in 1966, or Isla de Roatan, Hondurus in 1968) over a turbulent plane ride.
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