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Prank letter sent to parents - pretty funny!

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Did the writer get paid extra for alliteration?

    Also, I like how the associated picture is that of a woman's cleavage...

    That being said: they don't know how students got hold of the mailing list? If this high school is anything like mine was then the students probably know more about the school's systems then the school itself does.
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    Yeah, me too. Isn't cleavage awesome?
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    This actually reminds me of a story my Mom told me about when she was a kid.
    Her parents used to hold dances for the local young folk at their home. Now this was during the early '20s and they lived in a very conservative Lutheran community, and this practice was frowned upon by their neighbors. But the way my grandparents looked at it was that they knew where their kids were and what they were doing.
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