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Praxis II

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    Is there anyone who can help in anyway to study for the Praxis II Physics Content area. I have taken it and just need a little help on what is the best way to study and prepare for this test. Any help would be greatly apprecited.
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    I was looking for the same since couple of months and got some resources for Praxis 2 Physics Content.

    This exam is designed for those who would like to teach physics at the secondary school level.

    http://www.praxisprepinfo.com/practice-physics-content-knowledge-0265.htm [Broken]
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    I am preparing for the Math Praxis II exam by working through all the math problems and videos at:


    I know the site has a physics section as well. I think if you master all the physics problems there, you should do well in the Physics exam.
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    What does everything think of <a href="http://www.praxisloopholestube.com/praxisiistudyguide">Praxis [Broken] II Study Guide</a>? I have been thinking of trying it out for awhile now. I would love your opinions or reviews if anyone has used it.
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