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Pre-Big Bang Scenario

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    Hi folks

    I'm interested in the Pre-Big Bang Scenario which has been around for several years. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this theory please see - http://www.ba.infn.it/~gasperin/

    Does anyone have opinions on the validity of this theory? I'm curious about theological consequences of this theory but this seems to be the place to post it since philosophy forums don't have a lot of people who are knowledgeable on both relativity and quantum theory. In fact this scenario gets into string theory which I know zilch about.

    All comments are very welcome

    Best wishes

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    im not sure about this idea but talking about anything before big bang usualy means only speculations since nothing is left from any possible time before bigbang and therefor cant be falsefied or confirmed
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    this is quite different, it sounds more like a tuning: you see inflation so they fit some residual post-bigbang scalar fields to explain it...
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