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Pre calculus

  1. Aug 19, 2009 #1
    I need to relearn and refresh my memory with everything thats is pre calculus so is there any good book that you guys can recommend me ?
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    The Blitzer book is okay.
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    I used Swokowski and Cole's book and it wasn't that bad.
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    Are you looking for a pure, proof-based approach or an applied approach?

    If you're looking for a pure pre-calculus book, I would have to recommend Shilov's Elementary Real and Complex Analysis, from which the first 6 chapters essentially cover (albeit more rigorously and abstractly than most courses) Pre-Calculus, the next 4 chapters covering calculus/introductory analysis and then a chapter on complex analysis.

    If you want a more applied choice, most every high-school pre-calculus text should be sufficient.
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