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Pre-college Job for an international student,please help.

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    hi all
    I am an international student *Syrian* ,I will be in the US in July as a F1 visa holder.
    I will be under the TPS status,so I am thinking about dropping college for a year in order to save some money.
    so I am looking for a Job before going to college ,I know some of you may suggest part-time jobs but I need to work really hard and save some cash before going back to college.

    so what do you think?

    is there something else other than McDonald?
    I am not familiar with the US but how much you get paid when you work for McDonald? is it 4 $ per hour?

    waiting for your suggestions...

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    Contact a job agency like Manpower or Adecco. Usually they have an office in each large city. If in doubt look them up on internet.
    They'll find you a job, usually for the minimum wage(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimum_wage_in_the_United_States). This should be enough to save a few bucks if working full time and having few expenses. A shared flat helps here immensely.
    The range of jobs varies. It might be catering(a'la McDonald's) or factory work. If you have an internationally valid licence for e.g. forklift driving or welding, then you're lookin at quite a bit better prospects both in terms of job availability and pay.
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    I see ,but can I get that kind of driving license in the US? and how much does it cost approximately?
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    Google says around $50.
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    I thought international students weren't permitted to hold jobs outside of working on campus at their institute?

    This is what I believe to be the case, and if it is, your only chance is to work under the table, which usually means working in an ethnic area where the small businesses don't follow the rules. Expect to be paid below minimum wage though.
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    You can't drop college, you must meet minimum course requirements each semester.

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    thanks for clarifying this.
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