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Pre-collegiate Mathematics

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    Currently, I plan on being a math or physics major in college. Under the assumption that I'll be accepted into a top university, - not necessarily likely - what mathematical concepts should I have mastered, be familiar with, etc. before enrolling in college?

    Any suggestions are welcome, thanks.
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    1 semester trigonometry
    2 semesters algebra
    1 semester geometry

    Possibly calculus? But you will take it at uni anyways.
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    Definitely take calculus in high school, if you can. It's true that your first year math will be calculus, but it will be much easier to know what's going on, and should be an easy A.

    Some first year physics courses are calculus based (and these are the ones generally geared for physics majors) - obvious why calculus in high school will help here.

    If your course is AP, then you may be able to get your credit for some or all first year math. Check with the school(s) you're applying to.
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