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Pre - employment strenght test

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    Few weeks ago I had interview for a job( sitting at the conveyor belt and checking beer bottles :approve: ) at the big national brewery,I was speachless when I had to answer 50 questions in a 12 minutes.I could not answer even 5 of them :redface: .So they thank me for coming and told me to wait for phone call if they are interested in me.
    I almost forgot about that interview but then Holy Cow! yesterday they called me back :surprised but I have to go for a strenght test now,while my lower back is killing me,sometimes I can't even get up from the chair not to mention lifting something heavy from the floor.
    My question;did anyone of you went thru this strenght test? is there a lot of lifting and stuff?do I stand a chance?
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    The only person who can answer your questions is probably your prospective employer. You should be honest about your lower back problems, because your health might be endangered.

    - Warren
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    Yes, but I really need job, my savings are almost depleted.I try to keep you posted on what happened tomorow,wish me luck.
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    I took a strength test for the phone company. All I had to do was to hold this scale device in front of my chest and pull with both arms. Then they read the meter.

    Go see a chiropractic for your back.
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    Hey! I'm back from the strenght test.They tested my legs ,arms, and lower back, somehow I managed to do all the bending and lifting without falling apart (Lower back is killing me)
    Results of the tests going to be send to my potential employer on monday, I hope I'm gonna get the job at the brewery :tongue2: :tongue2: :tongue2:
    Besides my problems with lower back I also suffer from epileptic seizures, I instead told them my health is perfect Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! Suckers :rofl:
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    Epileptic seizures.... back problems... and you lie?

    That seems far more important than a job.
  8. Oct 22, 2004 #7
    This job is not some kind of ordinary job, this is BREWREY! job, FREE BEER,BEER,BEER Man! For a guy beer is more important than health stuff!
    I'm on medicine now and long time passed since I found my self in the emergency room. I will be fine :approve:
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    It seems like he has some other problems in addition to his epileptic seizures and back problems. Maybe with some good medical benefits, he'll get the help he really needs.
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