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Studying Pre Engineering tasks

  1. Mar 12, 2016 #1
    Hello PF,
    Next year I will start an engineering or physics major in college so I was asking if there's anything I can do this summer from your personal experiences. Any courses or textbooks to read to give me a head start . I am decent at maths and exellent at physics and chemistry this year (maths 14.5/20 physics 18/20 and chemistry 16.5/20) so i was worried about the maths .
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    Go over precalculus and algebra and make sure you're comfortable with all of your algebraic manipulations.
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    Review trigonometry as well. Trig will pop up in the math and engineering physics courses quite frequently.
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    start looking into calculus. Go through pauls notes.
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    In my experience, you might not have all the prerequisite maths for the physics courses that you're taking. I had to double up and take summer courses to catch up, and it wasn't until my 4th or so semester that I had all the math that I needed for the courses I was taking.
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    I think it's more important to be strong in the fundamentals than to get a head start on calculus. The OP will learn calculus anyway, but it'll be easier if they are strong in the fundamentals.
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    Thank you all for your help i will consider it .
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