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Pre Med

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    i'm wondering what happens if you do pre-med, but you cannot get a seat in a medical school? are the pre-med studies enough for a career in biochemistry or chemistry itself?

    i want to do medicine, but if i'm not a ble to, i'll get into biochem or chemistry. what is the best option? can i do biochem/chemistry as pre-med?

    i'm soo lost....

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    One of my friends was in that situation, and she ended up in a master's program in a related subject. For undergrad, I would do what interests you. Physics, math, and english majors have the highest acceptance rate for med school.

    Also remember that getting into med school is hard work. You don't have to be a genius (and probably shouldn't be, from what I've heard), but you have to be willing to get a high GPA and put in the time on the MCAT.
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    You don't normally get an undergraduate degree in pre-med. You get a degree in biology or chemistry or whatever, with courses inside and outside of your major field that medical schools like to see (e.g. ethics, which most biology majors probably wouldn't take). So if you don't get into med school, you have a shot at whatever else your major field would normally prepare you for.
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    Kushal, I think the best option for you would be to major in a field that you wouldn't mind doing as a career, should you not be accepted to med school. If employment is your primary goal, I would suggest biomedical engineering. That way, if you get rejected, or if your GPA/MCAT is too low, you still have a job waiting for you without any graduate education. But yes, biochem and chemistry are fine majors for preparation for med school. The programs should already contain all the course requirements that med schools are looking for, and you'll actually graduate with a useful degree. I can't speak competently on the employability of biochem or chemistry majors though...

    Of course, you never know if you'll change your mind. I was actually on the med school track until the middle of my junior year of college. I took most of the required biology and chemistry courses , in fact I was one course short of a degree in physics with a biology emphasis. Ended up going to grad school in physics myself. Just a reminder that if you major in something you like, you run the risk of running off and pursuing something other than med school (not that that's a bad thing).
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    hey thnks a lot arunma it really helps.
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