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Studying Pre-studying courses

  1. Jul 21, 2016 #1
    Hello PF,
    I am encountering a problem in these last years. I've always been interested in reading science books and textbooks but I have encountered the problem which is I don't feel that it is helpful to me because I will retake the subject in class. For example I was reading about relativity and then we studied it in class and I felt that all my efforts and the time I spent studying it was useless that's because everyone was on the same foot as I am though I have done more work and spent more time studying.
    But at the same time i cannot just wait for class to study my favourite subjects. For example now I want to study differential geometry but I know that next year I will be taking the same subject I don't want to waste my time studying this year but I can not be patient enough to wait for next year.
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    Repetition is good for learning. By studying the subject on your own you will likely have a better starting point for actually understanding the subject when you take it. Whether it is worth the extra time and effort only you can decide based on what you get out of it. Another possibility could of course be to try to take the courses earlier if you feel that your mastery of the subject is sufficient and your university allows it.
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    The situation could be worse. Think about how you would have done if you did not pre-study the courses. So you helped yourself. Can you identify a related subject in which your academic performance is better? Maybe if you believe you would want a job or career in it, then maybe change your major subject field to it. Otherwise, continue your practice of pre-study for your current subjects of interest/major as you are doing.
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    Isn't there anything you're particularly interested in and that you won't cover next year, or won't cover in undergrad at all? Or maybe you can study diff geo things that you won't encounter next year.
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    Not really actually i made this post because i have gotten a book by Stephen Hawking covering Einstein's relativity with it's mathematics so i was wondering whether to learn everything for it or wait to study it in university courses.
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    I never looked at it like that. I actually excel at what i prepare.
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