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Pre-University material on mathematics

  1. Sep 13, 2012 #1
    Hello everyone

    I have been studying math throughout this summer by watching videos on the internet and completing this book called "Basic Mathematics, by Serge Lang". I will start at University next summer to study physics or math. I already own a copy of Feynmann's lectures on physics which I plan on starting to read once i "understand" calculus.
    Now for the actual question... Would any of you mind recommending books on math that would ensure I understand all of the basics that is needed to have success studying the first year of undergraduate? And even books on calculus as well. I have several hours a day that I want to spend on math for the next months to come and money on material is not a problem.
    I am sorry I cannot give better information on what I can except that I have completed that particular book. If you have any questions please go ahead :-)

    Thanks in advance
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