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News Precautionary debating

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    When I look at this:

    I cannot see anything here, that would indicate kasse believing the muslims being the only terrorists. Still, the responses to kasse where these:

    kasse responded "I'm not!" very clearly, and continued

    To me these look quite reasonable opinions, presented appropriately. The response to kasse was this:

    And locking.

    This looks like some kind of precautionary debating. If you have a reason to assume, that the opponent could try to say something bad, accuse him of it and make him silent, before he actually says it.

    Are you guys in United States? I'm not. I have a wild guess for all this. You have probably more experience with propaganda that attempts to make all muslism look dangerous group of people, than I have (I'm in Finland, far away from the war against terror), so could this be the reason why kasse's posts appeared different to you than they appeared to me?
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    americans are often touchy when it comes to issues involving race or faith, or any other form of bias.

    eg. "are you a racist?! i hate racists and your baned for hating someone for reasons other then them being an a--hole!". happens all the time with americans on the internet.
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    jostpuur, you didn't see the previous thread by the OP which was deleted. So, in the future if you don't understand an action feel free to pm the mentor and ask.
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