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Good evening,

This could be one of the questions: if I have a set of orbital elements (mainly inclination, ascending node and perihelion) referred to the equinox and mean ecliptic of J2000, how do I translate them to the current Julian date epoch and ecliptic reference plan so I don't have to make reductions to the coordinates?

My question comes from the fact that I'm using a set of orbital elements referred to J2000, and I get allways a difference of about 11 seconds towards the real results. I assume that after calculating the heliocentric positions from the keplerian elements, I must find the geocentrics ones, and then reduce them to the equinox and ecliptic of date.

After that, I calculate the light time correction, add the nutation and I was suposed to be done.

Any ideas - or experience with orbital elem. calculations?

Kind regards,

C. Ptolemy
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