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Precipitated Carbon

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    Hey all, :smile:

    I'm new to this board. I really think it's great, and I love to visit whenever I have the time. Mainly to read.

    But now I have a question.

    I recently did an experiment forming carbon from sugar and conc. H2SO4,
    but the precipitate is so fine it emmediately clogs the filter paper. Even when I use a Buchner, with 20-25 uM particle retention disc. I was wondering if there is any way to get the precip to clump up a little, so as to not be so fine and clog the paper, and make the filtering proccess possible?
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    Are you using vacuum filtration?
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    Yes, I use vacuum(up to 20" Hg.), and still the filter paper slugs up so quick because the particles are so fine.
    I guess maybe I could just let the precip. settle and decant.
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    I thought you don't need to use filter paper when you already have a fritted disk. Well then again your disk is coarse and the pores are big. You may want to try a finer fritted disk for your filtration. A fritted filter funnel with an outer jacket may help crystallize the product as well.
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