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Precise Definition of a Limit

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    Ok, with my second time around taking calculus 1 I am finally beginning to understand the whole concept of the Precise definition of a limit. However, I hate them. Never before in my life have I had the feeling or a need to drink, smoke, drive at 100mph and kill someone all at the same time!!! (Disclosure: I am not planning on killing anyone. Calm down. I just feel like it...) With all the epsilons and their corresponding deltas and the absolute value of the function values. Just GAAAH!!! And GRRRRRRRR!! And all that jazz.
    Does anyone else feel this way? Am I alone on this one or what?

    Thank you for your time.

    (p.s. Wasn't sure where to put this so I put it here. If here was the wrong place I apologize. Just point out to me were I should have posted this and I will do so next time.)
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    You are defiantly alone!jkz

    Actually, it takes a while for the definition to sink in. Even capable math majors have a tough time with it.

    Draw a picture, it will help.
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