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Precognition help

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    I am currently seeking Precognition help and I have also been told by a friend that I have potential of telekinesis I want to know how to open it up I know it will take a long time but I want to start now i'm fascinated by my gift I don't find myself weird or anything. Anyways If someone out there can give me some advice or help me. I would be most appreciative thank you.
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    I'm curious to know what form your precognition takes.
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    If you really have precognition, you already know the answers.
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    The best way is to stare at something day and night until it moves.
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    And don't eat a thing until it moves, I hear that hunger really gets things going.
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    You know this is a physics forum, not a psychics forum?
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    Why did your friend tell you you have that potential? What is his motive? Did he require any payment from you for buying anything or any service (like opening up your potential)?
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