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Precursor Atomic Diffusion

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    How shall diffusion of precursor atoms be treated if the core is in liquios state(as is MSR)[I mean regarding to its low volumetric density, shall we treat it as gas-liquid diffusion and is diffusion approximation or even transport theory valid for it anymore, what's the meaning of state space in this system?]?
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    If the reactor is critical then it is in steady-state. The beta would likely decrease based on the longest-lived precursors (Br-87,88, I-137) leaving the core, if the flow was such that a substantial fraction of the core would flow out before the long-lived precursors could contribute to the flux.

    One way to monitor/detect fuel failures is detecting delayed neutrons or precursors outside (downstream from) the core. Np-239 is another radionuclide indicative of failed fuel, or tramp U.
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