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Predict the reactions

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    So I am asked this question in biology lab we aren't provided by any information to how to solve it,but we are asked to research on the internet in order to solve it.

    Predict the reactions you would expect to see for the following foods if they were tested using benedict's test, iodine (I2KI) and the Bauret test. include the colour you would expect to see whether would indicate a positive or negative reaction. If you expect the reaction to be positive, state which macromolecule you would expect to be present in the greatest abudance.

    So I read about Benedict's test which tells us if there is reducing sugar that is available in that food or not which means a positive test with benedict's test would have free aldehyde or ketone groups as macromolecule and colour changes for negative test would be blue and red for positive.

    For Biuret test its pretty easy it would be positive for any food that contains proteins,so I know this about Biuret test.

    I want to know though how can I know if a result is positive or not for benedict's test do I have to know the components of the food itself ?
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    didnt you kind of answered your question in the previous sentence
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